When fruit is available, we are open 9am – 5pm. U-Pick admission is open from 9am – 4pm. If we sell out of fruit we will close early. The days we are open depends on when the fruit is ripe and available. It is not uncommon for us to be closed Monday and Tuesday following a busy weekend.

No, our trees are very low and all sizes should be able to reach without a ladder. We will have ladders on site when needed. No need to bring a basket, we will provide boxes for you to pick fruit into that we use to weigh when done.

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature, but our fruit picking typically starts in May and ends in June.

Yes, a reservation and ticket is required for each person over the age of 2.

We have reservations for a few reasons:

  • We believe in a pleasant picking experience and so we try to limit the number of people in the farm at any given time.
  • We want to do our best to ensure you get the fruit you have come to pick, we are a small farm and do not have unlimited trees!

The maximum party size is 8 people.

Yes! We accept credit cards and even accept tap to pay. Cash still works too!

That depends on how much you pick! All fruit is charged by the pound and the prices for each fruit will be clearly shown each day depending what is available. Don’t forget the price of your ticket(s) will also be credited back toward your purchase.

No, we do not allow picnicking at the farm. No outside food is allowed. We recommend driving to a nearby park if you wish to pack a picnic.

Keep an eye on the weather the morning before your visit. Mornings can be cooler while the afternoons can be 100+ degrees. Wear closed toed shoes and consider wearing a hat.

It can get very hot in Brentwood. We recommend bringing sunscreen and water.