An entry ticket is required to enter the farm for U-Pick. Each ticket purchased is a credit that is applied to purchases at the farm. Tickets are for a specific date and time.

A ticket is required for anybody in your party that is 2 years or older.

Each ticket is $5, but that $5 is credited back towards any purchase you make at the farm. (Ex. You have 4 tickets for a total of $20. You spend a total of $30 at the farm, you would only owe the difference of $10)

You can make a reservation for entry tickets below. You do not have to make a reservation, but if you want to guarantee entry, we encourage one. If there is space & U-pick available, we do sell entry tickets at the door. Reservations will only be available starting at 8pm the evening before a day we will have U-pick available.

For flowers we will open up all time slots for reservations.

For fruit, depending on demand and what U-pick is available, typically only open up the morning time slots for reservation. If there is still U-pick available we open up the afternoon mid-morning

There is no cash back and no refunds for no shows.